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Who I am

My name is Tomas Navratil and I am a long distance cyclist, a father, a husband and an old punk who loves adventures. My personal motto is “ The plan is, there’s no plan”.

This year I have been able to qualify for RAAM = Race Across America – a race across the US. Twelve days, three-thousand miles. It’s going to be a challange but that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

As a child I did a lot of sports, but as time went by I mainly focused on skiing in Winter and cycling in Summer. Cycling became my passion - whenever I had the opportunity to go somewhere by bike , I did. My first good bike I made myself from components that my friend helped me to collect. I dreamed about a career as a profesional cyclist. Unfortunately that dream died very soon. The accident I had when I was fourteen and the rehabilitation after it set me back a couple of years. Cycling went back to a form of transport and for a few years I only cycled recreationally.

At the age of twenty-five I started cycling the Amateur league UAC for KPC Praha. That lasted for a couple of seasons. I did cyclomarathons and races ( for example – Král Šumavy – 250km on road, 105 km MTB).

In 2010 I found out about the 1000 miles Adventure, an unsupported open road race. I competed in 2011 and came in 7th . A year later I came in 4th . It was a huge turning point for me bacause I finally found a type of race that I enjoyed : long distances, extreme conditions, adventure, overcoming myself and my fears, physical and mental challanges.

In 2015 I tried the Transcontinental Race and in eleven days I cycled through thirteen states and I won 3rd place! Now there’s another challange awaiting me, and that’s RAAM. I’ve already got the qualification, but to leave for this race with my team, we need to get enough finances.


  • 2011 – Craft 1000 miles Adventure, 7th place (1609 km, self-supported open road race across Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • 2012 – Craft 1000 miles Adventure, 4th place
  • 2015 – Šediváčkův long 3rd place (240 km, the longest sled dog race in the Czech Republic and also one of the hardest races in Europe)
  • O trofej Outward Bound, 1st place (outdoor multi-event competition for the team of three, in Czech)
  • Loudání , 3rd place (600-800km, extreme nonstop race in Czech)
  • Transcontinental race , 3rd place (4000km, self-supported ultra-distance cycling race across Europe)


  • Cesta do Stuttgartu

    Začátek byl nevinný. Kamarádka Maria v hospodě u piva poznamenala, že jede na veletrh do Stuttgartu s novým zaměstnavatelem a mohla by se teoreticky zeptat na sponzorství mého projektu RAAM... More

  • Vltavarun 2016 na biku

    Proč na kole? Vždyť je to závod běžců! Po zkušenosti z roku 2015 jsem zjistil, že být součástí týmu je super. Nedávám ale „nicnedělání“ mezi běhy. Při zhodnocení ročníku 2015 v restauraci u piva proběhla samozřejmě diskuse... More

My bicycles

  • Festka One
    Festka One

Our team

  • Tomáš Navrátil


  • Kateřina Navrátilová

    production, driver, maintenance

  • Radim Hladký

    custod, driver

  • Tomáš Hyanek

    doctor, driver

  • Matěj Navrátil


  • Martin Trávník

    physiotherapist, driver

  • Honza Navrátil

    communicator, driver

  • Jana Sládková

    nutrition consultant, cookbook

What is RAAM

RAAM, or Race Across America, is an ultramarathon bicycle race across the United States of America. In total, it goes across 12 states and is roughly 3000 miles long (4 800km). RAAM is one of the longest annual endurance events and the riders have to complete it within a specified time period. In the twenty years of its existence, only one Czech has actually finished the race...yet ;)

In comparison to the Tour de France, which is about 2 300 miles long and it’s divided into daily stages and spread in about 3 weeks, the RAAM is basically nonstop event from start to finish like in the time trial race. Riders have to finish within 12 days.

RAAM is a very unique race, watched all year round with maximum media support and an outstanding platform for raising charity money. It has a vast majority of fans from all around the world and is very much followed on social media as well. Thanks to that it is very significant for sponsors and charities. More informations about RAAM

We have a lot of things we can offer to our sponsors. For example: advertising on social media (Facebook, Instagram), banners on websites, logos on accompanying vehicles etc. We will definitely find the best way how to advertise or promote your company, firm or products.

If you have interest in becoming a part of this adventure, don’t hesitate and contact me and my team. Thank you, Tomas N.


If you have interested in becoming a part of this adventure and become my sponzor, don't hesitate and contact me and my team.


Bank account: 4758523399/0800